Vehicle Wrapping in Manchester

Vehicle wrapping in Manchester can be a quick, simple and cost effective solution to completely change the color and look of your vehicle, whilst concurrently protecting & extending the life span of the paintwork beneath.

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There’s no specific time limit as to how long a vehicle wrap lasts, but if fitted correctly, and then properly cleaned & maintained together with the rest of the exterior, then there is absolutely no reason why a vinyl wrap shouldn’t last the life span of the Vehicle, or at least for the length of time you own the vehicle, if that’s what you require. We offer from 5 to 8 Years Warranty, depending on the colour you decide the wrap to be as well as the state of the original paintwork.

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Full Car Wrapping in Manchester

A full Vehicle wrap is considered the most advanced type of vinyl wrap available. Your entire Vehicle will be wrapped, together with choices to wrap the interior of doors, the boot & beneath the bonnet as extras. A full wrap brings a full colour change, providing a textured finish, a clear protection film or even a high level finish like pearlescent or matte metallic.

Generally, full Vehicle wraps suit those who are trying to really jazz up their Vehicle to make it look completely different. If the old look has grown tired to you and feels like it requires a bit of a revamp, then you need to consider making the swap using a Vehicle wrap. Not only will it make your Vehicle more secure, stylish & add years on to its look, it also lets you get that feeling of a new Vehicle.

full red Car Wrapping in Manchester on a bmw
Partial Car Wrapping in manchester

Partial Car Wrapping

Partial Vehicle wrapping in Manchester is the option when you want to change the look of your Vehicle by wrapping only some parts of it, like the roof, bonnet or mirrors.

After care Process

After the vinyl has been applied, there may be a brief period before you can wash & clean the exterior of your Vehicle, this is to make sure every Manchester of the wrap thoroughly adhere to the surface but any time you would have to wait would be considerably shorter compared to the period you may have to wait after having your vehicle repainted.

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