Full Car Wraps in Manchester

For those who wish to go the whole distance when it comes to transforming your vehicle, full car wraps in Manchester is for you. Full car wraps are the costliest car wrapping option and will take days to finish dependant upon the material used and the vehicle being wrapped.

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There’s no specific time limit as to how long a vehicle wrap lasts, but if fitted correctly, and then properly cleaned & maintained together with the rest of the exterior, then there is absolutely no reason why a vinyl wrap shouldn’t last the life span of the Vehicle, or at least for the length of time you own the vehicle, if that’s what you require. We offer from 5 to 8 Years Warranty, depending on the colour you decide the wrap to be as well as the state of the original paintwork.


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Full Car Wrapping in Manchester

It is important to use the most skilled installers for a full wrap. Full car wraps may be used to:

  • Completely customize the whole look and style of your vehicle. The difference is day and night.
  • Convert your car to a totally different colour, without all of the long delays that can hold back getting the car in shape plus the extreme costs.
  • Be one of a kind and take the car to a different level with a textured material.
  • Protect the vehicle body paintwork and help hold the resale value of your vehicle.

Full Car Wrapping in Manchester comes in a variation of colours

Advantages and disadvantages of Full Car Wrapping in Manchester


  • A complete colour change can add years of life to your car, it lets you totally relive the experience via what will feel like a new car. The most affordable way of altering the colour of the car.
  • A complete vehicle wrap enables you to be imaginative and customise per body panel, you don’t need to be generic, you may be as extravagant as you desire.
  • Your vehicle is a moving billboard and a full wrap could be used to market your company. This will make it much easier to start producing on the go marketing and getting your company name across town.
  • The best way of protecting the car paint since it offers another layer of protection for your car, as opposed to just the paint.

  • You aren’t stuck with the decision, if you don’ like the change it can be taken off effortlessly.
  • No need to change insurance because it doesn’t count as a permanent modification.
  • Damage to body panels are usually repaired easily and quickly minus the massive cost it usually takes to fix a damaged car
  • The majority of vinyl wrap providers offer a guarantee on full car wraps in Manchester.


  • There are virtually no cons when it comes to a complete car wrap, which is also true with new paintwork. Below are the ones we could think of:
  • A pricey upfront investment, despite the fact that it pays for itself after a while, you need to spend a good bit upfront to get it all finished.
  • Body panels may need to be re-wrapped after accidents, which can add a little more onto the cost of any incident.
  • General damage will arise similar to paintwork, but your paint is going to be protected below.

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